Love > Distance
Who gets to see their significant other soon?!
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My boyfriend and I met over omegle awhile back and we hit it off the first day. I live in Iowa and he lives in New York, so that's a little over 1200 miles. I met him for the first time after almost a year of chatting online August 8th and that was when we knew 100% that it was love. We're planning to spend New Years together in New York since he took a train here which lasted for 30 hours! I just wanted you all to know that it's possible to have a LDR! Have faith and keep the love strong! <3


absence can only grow my needs of your presence, that's why i keep loving you in patience by the distance <3

beautiful quote :)

i havent seen my boyfriend in a month and a day and ive still got about 3 months left :( love you blog its amazing <3

Hang in there & thanks!